SerialPort IO streams in Julia backed by pySerial.
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SerialPorts.jl lets you work with devices over serial communication with Julia. It is designed to mimic regular file IO as in the Base Julia library.

This package requires PySerial, which is used through PyCall. Conda is used as a fallback so cross-platform installation is simple.

Check out LibSerialPort.jl if you want to avoid the Python dependency.

Quick Start

A SerialPort has a minimal API similar to IOStream in Julia.

A brief example:

using SerialPorts
s = SerialPort("/dev/ttyACM1", 250000)
write(s, "Hello World!\n")

open, close, read, write, bytesavailable, readavailable, are all defined for SerialPort.

In order to see the attached serial devices, use list_serialports().

The Arduino submodule provides functionality for manipulating Arduinos over serial. SerialPorts.Arduino.reset(s::SerialPort) will reset an Arduino.


Available under the MIT License. See:

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