✔️ Visual, reactive testing library for Julia. Time machine included.
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PlutoTest.jl (alpha release)

Visual, reactive testing library for Julia

A macro @test that you can use to verify your code's correctness. But instead of just saying "Pass" or "Fail", let's try to show you why a test failed.

  • time travel to replay the execution step-by-step
  • ⭐️ multimedia display ⭐️ to make results easy to read

Demo screencap

Try this demo in your browser

Install & use

First, update Pluto to at least 0.15! That's it, Pluto will automatically install the package when you import/using it.

Inside your notebook, use the @test macro to test whether something returns true:

julia> using PlutoTest

julia> @test 1 + 1 == 2

This package is still an alpha release, don't use it to @test is_safe(crazy_new_bike_design).


This testing library is designed to be used inside Pluto.jl, a reactive notebook. If you write your tests in the same notebook as your code, then Pluto will automatically re-run the affected tests after you make a change. Tests that are unaffected will not need to re-run. Neat!


When a test gets re-run and it fails outside of your viewport, you will be notified with a red dot on the edge of the screen. You can click on a dot to jump to the test, multiple dots indicate multiple tests.

(Only enabled on Chrome and Firefox for now.)

Future: GitHub Action

In the future, it will be easy to run Pluto-based, PlutoTest-based tests automatically on GitHub Actions or Travis CI. In addition to running your tests, it will upload a rendered notebook as artifact to the test run (sample). If a test failed, you can open the notebook and see why.

How does it work?

Take a look at the source code! (It's a Pluto notebook 🌝)

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