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Do I have the latest dependencies for my packages in the [compat] section of Project.toml?

This package can help you check whether you have the most up-to-date package in your Project.toml.


using PkgVersionHelper: upcheck


This will check through the direct dependencies (i.e. those packages in your Project.toml) and return a Dict like this

PkgName => (installed_version, latest_version)

For example, this was the output for one of my packages

julia> upcheck()
Dict{String,Tuple{VersionNumber,VersionNumber}} with 2 entries:
  "ScientificTypes" => (v"0.8.1", v"1.0.0")
  "MLJBase"         => (v"0.14.9", v"0.15.0")

If you wish to check the indirect dependencies as well. Simply do upcheck(indirect_deps=true).


CompatHelper.jl is great but sometimes you are not able to upgrade your packages right away and often you are left wondering "Do I have the latest dependencies?" I am often in such a spot so I've decided to gather the answers on StackOverflow and make a simple package.

Thanks to the wonderful @bkamins for helping me with my query.