Passive tracer dynamics pseudospectral solvers with Julia and FourierFlows.jl.
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This package leverages the FourierFlows.jl framework to provide modules for solving passive tracer advection-diffusion problems on periodic domains using Fourier-based pseudospectral methods.


To install, use Julia's built-in package manager (accessed by pressing ] in the Julia REPL command prompt) to add the package and also to instantiate/build all the required dependencies

(v1.6) pkg> add PassiveTracerFlows
(v1.6) pkg> instantiate

The most recent version of PassiveTracerFlows.jl requires Julia v1.6 or later.


See examples/ for example scripts.



The code is citable via zenodo. Please cite as:

Navid C. Constantinou, Josef I. Bisits, and Gregory L. Wagner (2022). FourierFlows/PassiveTracerFlows.jl: PassiveTracerFlows v0.9.0 (Version v0.9.0). Zenodo.


We are always excited to have more members in the contributors team of PassiveTracerFlows.jl! Any contribution is welcome, no matter how big or small!

Let us know by open an issue or start a discussion if you'd like to work on a new feature or implement a new module, if you're new to open-source and want to find a cool little project or issue to work on that fits your interests! We're more than happy to help along the way.

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