Julia interface to the MicroMamba package manager.
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A Julia interface to the MicroMamba package manager.

For a higher-level interface, see CondaPkg.jl.


pkg> add MicroMamba


The API consists of the following functions:

  • cmd([args]) returns a command which calls MicroMamba, optionally with given arguments.
  • executable() returns the path to a MicroMamba executable.
  • version() returns the version of this executable.
  • available() returns true if MicroMamba is available on this system. Use this to check if the above functions will succeed.

In all cases, MicroMamba will be downloaded and installed if required to a Julia-specific location.

The command returned from cmd() includes the root prefix -r argument. By default this is some Julia-specific directory, but can be over-ridden with the environment variable MAMBA_ROOT_PREFIX.


The following command creates a new environment in ./env and installs Python into it.

run(MicroMamba.cmd(`create -y -p ./env python -c conda-forge`))

Required Packages