Julia cluster manager for MATLAB Job Scheduler
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The MATLABCluster.jl package provides an interface for starting Julia worker processes using MATLAB™ Parallel Computing Toolbox cluster profiles, including profiles configured to connect to a MATLAB™ Distributed Computing Server. You cannot use MATLABCluster.jl without having purchased and installed a copy of MATLAB™ and the MATLAB™ Parallel Computing Toolbox from MathWorks. This package is available free of charge and in no way replaces or alters any functionality of MathWorks's MATLAB product.

To connect to a MATLAB cluster:

using MATLABCluster
addprocs(1,                               # The number of workers you want
         dir="/path/to/julia/usr/bin",    # Path to Julia on your cluster
         cman=MATLABManager("profile"),   # The cluster profile, set up within MATLAB
         tunnel=true,                     # Only necessary if the workers are behind NAT
         sshflags=`-c blowfish`           # Only for NAT; faster than AES (default)


  • Currently output from the workers is not transmitted back to Julia
  • This may not work if the MATLAB Job Scheduler is running on Windows (but let me know if you try)