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Bit entanglements for tensor algebra derivations and hypergraphs

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Although intended for compatibility use with the Grassmann.jl package for multivariable differential operators and tensor field operations, Leibniz can be used independently.

Extended dual index printing with full alphanumeric characters #62'

To help provide a commonly shared and readable indexing to the user, some print methods are provided:

julia> Leibniz.printindices(stdout,Leibniz.indices(UInt(2^62-1)),false,"v")

julia> Leibniz.printindices(stdout,Leibniz.indices(UInt(2^62-1)),false,"w")

An application of this is in Grassmann and DirectSum, where dual indexing is used.


Generates the tensor algebra of multivariable symmetric Leibniz differentials and interfaces using Reduce, Grassmann to provide the ∇,Δ vector field operators, enabling mixed-symmetry tensors with arbitrary multivariate Grassmann manifolds.

julia> using Leibniz, Grassmann

julia> V = tangent(ℝ^3,4,3)

julia> V(∇)
∂₁v₁ + ∂₂v₂ + ∂₃v₃

julia> V(∇^2)
0 + 1∂₁∂₁ + 1∂₂∂₂ + 1∂₃∂₃

julia> V(∇^3)
0 + 1∂₁∂₁∂₁v₁ + 1∂₂∂₂∂₂v₂ + 1∂₃∂₃∂₃v₃ + 1∂₂∂₁₂v₁ + 1∂₃∂₁₃v₁ + 1∂₁∂₁₂v₂ + 1∂₃∂₂₃v₂ + 1∂₁∂₁₃v₃ + 1∂₂∂₂₃v₃

julia> V(∇^4)
0.0 + 1∂₁∂₁∂₁∂₁ + 1∂₂∂₂∂₂∂₂ + 1∂₃∂₃∂₃∂₃ + 2∂₁₂∂₁₂ + 2∂₁₃∂₁₃ + 2∂₂₃∂₂₃

julia>^2 == Δ

julia> ∇, Δ
(∂ₖvₖ, ∂ₖ²v)

This is an initial undocumented pre-release registration for testing with other packages.