Create LaTeX documents from within Julia, including image handling
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This package allows to construct LaTeX documents programmatically.


It is assumed that you have pdflatex installed. You can then install LaTeX.jl like this:

]add LaTeX

To be able to use code blocks with syntax highlighting, please install Pygments: easy_install -U Pygments.


using LaTeX

x = range(-6,6; length=100)

using Gadfly
g = Image(7, 7, plot(x = x, y = sin.(x) ./ x, Geom.line))
w = Image(7, 7, plot(x = x, y = cos.(x)))

# needs pygments to be installed
c = Code("""
struct MyJuliaType

    Section("Results", [
        Section("Plots", Figure("Plot comparison",Tabular([w,g]))),
        Section("Code", c)

Available functions

content can always be either a single item or an array of items.

  • latex = report(content) assembles the LaTeX file
  • latex = document(content) gives more control over the look and feel of the document. See here for more.
  • openpdf(latex) compiles the LaTeX file and tries to open it
  • writepdf(latex, filename) compiles the LaTeX file and save it to the destination provided
  • Section(title, content) creates a new section. A section is automatically translated to a Linux chapter, section or subsection according to its nesting
  • Figure(caption, content)
  • Table(caption content)
  • Tabular(content)
  • Code(content)
  • TOC() indicates a table of contents
  • Abstract(content) defines an abstract for the document
  • Image(height, width, Array or Winston.FramePlot or Gadfly.Plot), where the array can be either of size (m,n,1) or RGB (m,n,3), with the values in the range 0..1


To define a custom document, use the document function, in combination with the following declarations, some of which can be omitted:

  • DocumentClass("article", ["11pt", "letterpaper"]) declares the document class of the file. Settings are passed through a vector as the second parameter.
  • Title("A LaTeX Library for Julia") declares the title of the file.
  • Date(1999, 12, 31) declares the date of the file. Note that this is the same Date as in standard Julia.
  • Author("John Smith") declares the author of the file.

For example, the following is a minimal document:

    DocumentClass("article", ["11pt", "letterpaper"]),
    Date(2015, 11, 23),
    Title("A LaTeX Library for Julia"),
    Author("John Smith"),
    Section("Code", [Code("""# minimal example""")])])


  • make preamble configurable
  • adapt openpdf to linux
  • add tests