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Dispatch on keyword arguments. It exports 2 macros:

  • @kwdispatch designates a function signature to use for keyword dispatch
  • @kwmethod defines the method for the keyword argument


using KeywordDispatch

@kwdispatch f()

@kwmethod f(;a) = "a is $a"
@kwmethod f(;a::Integer) = "a is $a, and is an Integer"
@kwmethod f(;b) = "b is $b"
@kwmethod f(;a,b) = "a is $a, b is $b"
@kwmethod f(;) = "look mum, no args!"

at the REPL:

julia> f()
"look mum, no args!"

julia> f(a=1.0)
"a is 1.0"

julia> f(a=1)
"a is 1, and is an Integer"

julia> f(b=3,a=1)
"a is 1, b is 3"

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