Iterated h-adaptive integration (IAI)
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This package provides experimental algorithms for globally h-adaptive iterated integration.

Here is an example comparing nested_quadgk to the globally-adaptive iai for a challenging localized 3D integrand of a form typically found in Brillouin zone integration

julia> using IteratedIntegration

julia> f(x) = inv(0.01im+sum(sin, x))

julia> @time I1, = nested_quadgk_count(f, (0,0,0), (2pi,2pi,2pi); atol=1e-5)
 13.810075 seconds (187.29 M allocations: 2.791 GiB, 4.05% gc time)
(3.014355431929516e-11 - 221.4503334458075im, 6.5132132917468245e-6, 187271895)

julia> @time I2, = iai_count(f, (0,0,0), (2pi,2pi,2pi); atol=1e-5)
 85.821637 seconds (521.70 M allocations: 13.221 GiB, 2.34% gc time)
(1.9539925233402755e-14 - 221.45033344593668im, 8.248907526206854e-6, 151635225)

julia> abs(I1-I2) # check how closely solutions agree to within tolerance

It is interesting that iai has about 20% fewer function evaluations than nested_quadgk, however both routines appear to be returning a solution with nearly 5 digits of accuracy beyond what was requested

Additionally, here is a comparison of the same integral to HCubature.jl (note that I've requested a larger tolerance so that the calculation finishes relatively quickly)

julia> using HCubature

julia> function hcubature_count(f, a, b; kwargs...)
       I, E = hcubature(a, b; kwargs...) do x
           numevals += 1
       return (I, E, numevals)
hcubature_count (generic function with 1 method)

julia> @time I3, = hcubature_count(k, (0,0,0), (2pi,2pi,2pi); atol=1e-2)
 36.371073 seconds (406.85 M allocations: 6.776 GiB, 10.80% gc time)
(-4.367439804114779e-8 - 221.45050701410435im, 0.009999996360083807, 406846935)

julia> abs(I1-I3)

It is worth noting here that the reason hcubature uses far more function evaluations is due to the geometry of the integrand and its interplay with multi-dimensional quadratures, although hcubature returns a result much closer to the requested tolerance.


See the notes folder for a description of the IAI algorithm. The implementation is based on QuadGK.jl

Author and Copyright

IteratedIntegration.jl was written by Lorenzo Van Muñoz, and is free/open-source software under the MIT license.

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