A Julia Reader for the Harwell-Boeing and Rutherford-Boeing Formats
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A Julia Reader for the Harwell-Boeing and Rutherford-Boeing Formats

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julia> Pkg.add("HarwellRutherfordBoeing")
julia> Pkg.test("HarwellRutherfordBoeing")

Obtaining the Harwell-Boeing Collection

Retrieve the systems from


Build hsplit.c using cc -o hsplit hsplit.c. This tool may be used to split a data file into its constituents. This module will only read one set per file.

Obtaining Matrices and Supplementary Data in Rutherford-Boeing Format

The best source is the University of Florida Sparse Matrix Collection.


julia> using HarwellRutherfordBoeing
julia> M = HarwellBoeingMatrix("well1850.rra")
Harwell-Boeing matrix WELL1850 of type RRA
1850 rows, 712 cols, 8758 nonzeros
1 right-hand sides, 0 guesses, 0 solutions

julia > M.matrix
1850x712 sparse matrix with 8758 Float64 entries:
[1   ,    1]  =  0.027735
[3   ,    1]  =  0.027735  # etc...

julia> M.rhs'
1x1850 Array{Float64,2}:
6.40676  0.58834  6.40279  0.595772-3.30846  -2.91383  -2.91705

julia> rb = RutherfordBoeingData("aa3.rb")
Rutherford-Boeing data 1681 of type pra
825 rows, 8627 cols, 70806 nonzeros

julia> using PyPlot

julia> spy(rb.data, markersize=2)

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