(DEPRECATED) Centrality measures for Graphs.jl
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Optimized, performance-driven centrality measures on Graphs.jl graphs.

Please note that this package is not actively maintained. Active development of centrality measures has been moved to the LightGraphs.jl project.

Centrality Test (order, size) GraphCentrality.jl NetworkX Improvement
degree (1e6, 1e7) 0.30s 30.7s 99%
betweenness (500, 50000) 4.25s 9.13s 53%
closeness (1000, 80000) 2.18s 12.1s 77%


  • Finish betweenness_centrality with dijkstra
  • Optimize code
  • TESTS!
  • New centrality measures:
  • Closeness
  • Load
  • Eigenvector
  • Current flow betweenness?
  • Current flow closeness?