"Programming the Finite Element Method" by I M Smith, D V Griffiths and L Margetts
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Project Status: WIP - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public.

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The "Programming the Finite Element Method" toolkit

This Julia package currently contains the programs in chapters 4, 5 and early sections of 6 as described in "Programming the Finite Element Method" by I M Smith, D V Griffiths and L. Margetts (PtFEM).

I use PtFEM when referring to the book and PtFEM.jl when referring to the Julia package. The authors and publisher have given permission to publish the Julia version of the PtFEM toolkit. Please refer to LICENSE for more details.


PtFEM, the book, will always remain the primary documentation for this package. Additional programming documentation will be available through Julia's documenter package, e.g. in-line after installing the package:

use PtFEM

and full documentation can be found here.


Please note that no hard timeline is set when this work in progress will be finished. TODO contains a list of next steps. VERSIONS holds the tagged version history.

Related work

Fundamental and great development work related to solving (partial) differential equations is done in several other Julia packages, e.g. ApproxFun.jl, DifferentialEquations.jl, JuliaFEM.jl and JuaFEM.jl to name a few.

Outside of Julia at least 2 other toolkits should be mentioned, i.e. deal.II and FEniCS.


References will be kept here.

Participation and feedback

As always, feedback is welcome, please send me an email, file an issue on Github or generate a pull request (PR).

Rob J Goedman July 2018