Auto QUality Assurance for Julia packages
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Aqua.jl: Auto QUality Assurance for Julia packages

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Aqua.jl provides functions to run a few automatable checks for Julia packages:

  • There are no method ambiguities.
  • There are no undefined exports.
  • There are no unbound type parameters.
  • There are no stale dependencies listed in Project.toml.
  • Check that test target of the root project Project.toml and test project (test/Project.toml) are consistent.
  • Check that all external packages listed in deps have corresponding compat entry.
  • Project.toml formatting is compatible with Pkg.jl output.

See more in the documentation.

Quick usage

Call Aqua.test_all(YourPackage) from test/runtests.jl, e.g.,

using YourPackage
using Aqua

Specifying Aqua version

To avoid breaking test when a new Aqua.jl version is released, it is recommended to add version bound for Aqua.jl in test/Project.toml:

Aqua = "4c88cf16-eb10-579e-8560-4a9242c79595"
Test = "8dfed614-e22c-5e08-85e1-65c5234f0b40"

Aqua = "0.5"

Required Packages

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