Fast animated (and static) plots for Julia
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Animated plots is a package for making animated and static plots. It is built on top of [SFML.jl] ( and allows for fast plotting of functions and variables over time.

double pendulum


Make sure you have SFML and CSFML installed (see the SFML [installation instructions] ( for more information)

julia> Pkg.clone("")


The easiest way to plot a function is to use the plot function:

Static Plots

julia> plot(sin)
julia> close(current_window())

A StaticGraph object can also be passed to plot if you want to be able to modify the graph afterward (such as changing the color or line thickness)

julia> sin_graph = StaticGraph(sin, thickness=5, # thickness and color
julia> plot(sin_graph)
julia> sin_graph.color =
julia> plot(cos)
julia> close(current_window())

Animated Plots

You can use the AnimatedGraph to make animated plots.

julia> animated_sin = AnimatedGraph(sin)
julia> plot(animated_sin)
julia> animated_cos = AnimatedGraph(cos,, startx=-10)
julia> animated_cos.speed = 3 # Speed in units per second
julia> plot(animated_cos)
julia> follow(animated_cos) # have the camera follow the plot

See examples/double_pendulum.jl for an advanced showcase of how to integrate an animated plot into an SFML application


AnimatedPlots supports creating images and gifs of your plots. Creating gifs may take a while, only close your program after it says Created gif file.gif. In addition, you must have [imagemagick] ( installed in order to make gifs (most package managers provide it).

julia> screenshot("my_screenshot.png") # Take a screenshot and save it to my_screenshot.png
julia> make_gif(300, 300, 10, "MyGif.gif", 0.06) # Create a gif with width, height, duration (in seconds), filename, and delay (the delay between each frame in seconds)